Siberian Huskies are a unique, beautiful, energetic breed that future owners often have many questions about. We have created this FAQ to address some of the more common questions that we receive.

Do Siberian Huskies shed? Siberian huskies do shed a bit throughout the year, but in my opinion it is not worse than any other dog. That being said, a Sibe will “blow” it’s coat two times each year. When this happens, care must be taken to comb the dog to remove the loose fur before it takes over the home. This bi-annual job does take a bit of time, and can be quite humorous, as the pile of dog hair after combing will likely be larger than the dog!!
Are Sibes Clean? Do they Smell Like a Dog? Siberian Huskies are a very clean breed. They have little or no “doggy” smell at all, even with infrequent bathing. People with dog allergies are often able to tolerate a Siberian Husky.

How Much Food does a Siberian Husky Eat? Siberian Huskies generally eat less than other breeds of similar size. Considering they are a very energetic breed, they are often referred to as “fuel efficient” dogs.

What Food is Best for a Siberian Husky? Each owner and dog has their food preference. We feed each of our dogs PRO PAC dog food. It’s high quality food, and the company takes pride in their domestic operations.

Are Siberian Huskies Vocal? Sometimes! On a day to day basis, most Siberian Huskies bark very little. In our case, they usually only bark when a guest, or neighbor dog arrives. Aside from this, they are normally very quiet. From time to time, they do howl like wolves, which is exciting for the kids!

Will a Siberian Husky act aggressively toward my cat? This is a question that is posed by many potential owners that already have a cat in the home. Siberian Huskies are like any other dog, in that they each have their own personality and distinguishing behavioral characteristics. Other types of pets should be guarded from Huskies. That being said, many huskies are certainly capable of tolerating a cat if they are introduced to each other while the husky is a young puppy.
Are Siberian Huskies active? Siberian Huskies are very active dogs. They can run for miles and need lots of exercise daily. They do enjoy their downtime, as long as they get their energy out as well. They need LOTS of attention as well. If left alone too long, huskies will tend to get into trouble. They chew, dig, and ,if needed, escape.

Do Siberian huskies do well with children? Absolutely! Siberian huskies are very loyal and great companions. They love to follow you everywhere you go and lay by your feet. They are not protective or body guards but sometimes they seem like they are trying to protect you! A lot of times we are told stories of how our buyers have babies and they swear the pup does not leave the baby’s side, as if it is trying to protect the baby! They are great with children and will tolerate kids pulling on them or laying on them as they are very sweet and gentle animals!

Are Siberian Huskies easy to house train? Absolutely! As with any training, the more you work with them, the faster they will pick it up! If you are home, we recommend taking them out every 45 minutes they are awake. Praise your baby and reward them with a treat (take some out with you in your pocket) right after they use the bathroom outside. After they get up from a nap, take your puppy out, as they always have to go pee upon waking up. After they eat and drink, take your puppy out, as they always have to go to do number 2 right after they eat! You can have a puppy almost completely house trained by 2 months if you work with them enough! When they are inside, you can use baby gates to help keep them to a certain area or room if you are not able to watch them at times, such as a kitchen which is tiled and easily able to be cleaned.